Swipe Films is a feature film production, sales and distribution company. It was originally established in 2002 by Frank Mannion, to produce the cult hit, Grand Theft Parsons, starring Johnny Knoxville and Christina Applegate. Swipe went on to enjoy worldwide success with Osama, winner of a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film.

Since then, Swipe has built up a valuable library of over 25 films - its films have won over 100 awards at major festivals around the world including 4 prizes at the Cannes Film Festival and 2 awards at the Sundance Film Festival. These Foolish Things starring Terence Stamp, Lauren Bacall and Anjelica Huston was honoured with a Royal Charity Premiere. Films include the glossy thriller Plastic with Will Poulter (Paramount Pictures) and Jackboots On Whitehall with Ewan McGregor and Rosamund Pike (Sony Pictures). Mannion directed the critically acclaimed Quintessentially British with Ian McKellen and Judi Dench and Sparkling: The Story of Champagne with Stephen Fry, described as "a film of the finest vintage" by the New York Times. The all-star Quintessentially Irish is premiering globally on St Patrick's Day.