Swipe Films carefully selects the films it handles for international sales. Its titles have enjoyed enormous worldwide success. Its first title, Osama, won 3 prizes at the Cannes Film Festival. Swipe sold the film to United Artists and it went on to collect the Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film. Swipe then handled Down to the Bone which went on to win Best Director and Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. It is currently selling the Oscar nominated director of LEAVING LAS VEGAS, Mike Figgis' new film, Love Live Long. Swipe's campaigns for its sales titles have won industry praise and recognition for the distinctiveness of its marketing campaigns and their tenacity to ensure that its films get the widest possible release. It had great success with the Arab Spring movie, Winter of Discontent, (which was shot in Tahrir Square during the Egyptian Revolution), which starred Amr Waked - it premiered to great acclaim at the Venice Film Festival.


Down To The Bone


In Prison My Whole Life

Love Live Long


Paper Clips

Beyond The Fire