Gaby Winters (Jennifer Morrison from TV's Emmy award winning HOUSE) is desperate. In order to pick up some extra cash, she has agreed to babysit a precocious 16 year old girl (played by rising star, Leighton Meister, from GOSSIP GIRL). But while Gaby is supposedly watching her, the rebellious girl mysteriously vanishes. Urgently needing to find the defiant girl before the parents come home, Gaby embarks on a wild adventure which leads her on a seemingly endless search, encountering numerous bewildering, amusing and sometimes dangerous characters. Writer/director Kevin Palys has created an original and surprising tale that warns that many layers have to be uncovered before one can seize control of an out-of-control situation.

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"Jennifer Morrison from Fox TV's House is a revelation in a completely original film filled with twists, turns and unexpected humor"

Back Stage West

"If you loved Memento and Donnie darko, go see this film"

Sunday Express